Le moulin de Bosson

Who are we

One enters like in a mill here...

It is a French idiom that is close to our hearts and it is a value that we wish to share with the visitors here. The Moulin de Bosson has a history that links up with our values, it was a strong feeling that led us to the purchase of the property. This double link, namely the presence of horses and conviviality, has always been present with the transformations of the place.

Millers, farmers, blacksmiths, and many other profiles succeeded each other for generations until we took up the relay. If, like us, you are a lover of old stonework and authenticity, do not hesitate to observe the walls and you will discover original blocks engraved with the year of construction of the building.

True Ardennes in the veins

Passionate about horses and the wonder that nature has to offer, it is quite natural that we have chosen to transform this place into a holiday home to share its glory with the outside world. Our Ardennes roots and our professions have also weighed in the balance, we can't deny it.

Having a stable adjoining the holiday homes, it seemed obvious to us to link these two places and to transform our passion into a job that drives us every day.

We hope that the Moulin de Bosson will manage to charm you as it did for us!